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I am happiest when I am creating. I hope to inspire others through their entrepreneurial journey and create a brand not just a business. 

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why branding is essential for your business

March 17, 2020


Branding is without a doubt, one of the most important parts of your buisness. An effective brand strategy will set you apart from the crowd, tell the unique story of your brand, help attract your ideal client, all while staying true to who you are. A brand is the promise you make to your customers regaurdeing your core values and quality.
Your brand should be recognizable accross all of your marketing channels keeping all of your marketing cohesive such as your website, logos, social media, packaging, colors, blog post graphics, and print ads. If your audience is viewing your social media posts, you want them to be able to recognize that it’s your brand without even seeing the name.
You are more likely to remember something after visually seeing it compared to just reading about it. Therefore, if you create a brand that sets you apart from competitors and make it visually appealing you are more likely to be remembered by a potential customer. The more a potential customer sees your brand the more likely they will be a purchasing customer.

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